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3/25/2005        Planning New Lab and Culture Bank

Plans are being finalized for a new 1200 square foot Class 100 master culture lab and culture bank to be constructed this summer. This will allow Mid-American Bio-Ag to maintain current cultures via cryo storage, isolate and maintain new species.

The facility will allow for the production of culture masters to be used in conjunction with our priority designed bagging/inoculation machines at our other location, via conventional and liquid techniques.


New Freeze Drying Unit and Cryo-Ginder

Mid American Bio-Ag has recently acquired a large cryogenic freeze drying unit and cryo-grinding unit. This will enable us to maintain the maximum polysaccharide content and nutrient value by eliminating heat generation in the drying and grinding process for the capsulation process.

To learn more about cryo-grinding and freeze drying go to our Mushroom FAQ .


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