How To Order


Before placing an order we would like you to read, be aware of and agree to the following:


1.) Mid-American Bio-Ag, Ltd. does not or never will sell, or distribute customer mailing lists and/or addresses.


2.) The purchaser of any of our products or supplies agrees to the following terms:


a.) I/we, the purchaser of the said product or supply  from Mid-American Bio-Ag, Ltd. (hereafter shall be referred to as the “company“) do hereby release and hold harmless the company, its employees from any and all liabilities associated with the use of products and/or services.


b.) I/we agree, I/we will not represent any products and/or services or information as my own without written consent of the company.


c.) I/we, will abide by all state and federal laws for the proper handling, use of any chemical or chemical/biological waste in a safe and prescribed manner.

d.) I/we agree, that any and all licenses or importation permits necessary for shipping and/or receipt of products from Mid-American Bio-Ag, Ltd. are the sole responsibility and expense of the buyer, will we make every attempt to assist you, Mid-American Bio-Ag, Ltd. assumes no liability for shipments held in customs or importation services. Residents of Alaska and Hawaii please check local laws before ordering cultures, we assume no liability for prohibited species.

f.) I/we have read the fore mentioned and agree that by doing business in any form with the company. I/we agree to abide by the terms so set forth. I/we furthermore agree I/we are over the age of 18 years old.

e.) I/we are aware that some jurisdictions prohibit the possession of syringes and/or needles without a license. I/we assume the liability and responsibility for ordering and/or possession of such. Furthermore I/we agree to safely and properly dispose of used syringes/needles.


At Mid-American Bio-Ag, Ltd. we strive to provide the customer with the best quality and most economical supplies, services and equipment we can acquire. We work diligently to create good customer relationships.  A happy customer is a return customer.


Due to circumstances beyond our control, our prices may change without notice. We constantly update our site to reflect those changes. If you have any products or services you would like to see us carry, please feel free to contact us .

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